Mara Murillo, UNEP

Some of the key actions for the successful outcome of an event are logistical coordination to ensure that each detail is perfectly prepared and the quick and efficient resolution of contingencies without affecting the normal course of the activity. Therefore, I highly recommend this company manager , because I feel that she has done an excellent job for each of the events that I have attended. Her friendly personality and professionalism have allowed very pleasant and successful events, always ensuring the total satisfaction of those who attend.

Horst Pilger, Unión Europea

Alexandra Cortes, as a consultant of LAEP, has been supporting the EU's EUROCLIMA programme for Latin America over a number of years with the provision of services linked to the organisations of conferences, seminars and workshops. Among other issues, Alexandra managed to produce videos with senior politicians and internationally renowned personalities. Her dedication to this job, her professionalism and her warm and pleasant personality have contributed significantly to make these events successful. I can warmly recommend Alexandra for anyone who needs professional support in the organisation of events in Latin America.

Joseluis Samaniego, ECLAC

The work of Alexandra Cortés (consultant of this company), in the framework of the European Commission's EUROCLIMA project to support the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, has been a welcome contribution. Alexandra's efforts have helped us disseminate content regarding the work done in a brief, clear, organized way for communication with a wider audience. Always well prepared and flexible, she has made a contribution to our outreach.

Paulo Barbosa, JRC-European Union

This team show exemplary professionalism in organizing events and in the resolution of any unexpected problems that could occur. Of course I want to thank them for their work and recommend them to anyone who needs their services.

Patricia Campos, MINAE-Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to participate in two events organized by the manager of Latin America Events Promotion (LAEP) and both had  impeccable logistics organization despite setbacks from volcanic eruptions. Her team is always on top of every detail and the requests of the participants. Thank you for helping Costa Rica put a flower in its buttonhole during these events. My respects!

Edwin Giovanni Tobar, MARN-Guatemala

In this company we find professionals who show great initiative, a dedication to service, and extensive knowledge, therefore I have no problem in recommending them since they will know how to fully carry out the activities they are assigned.

Rosibel Martínez, SERNA-Honduras

I have attended several events organized by LAEP . The quality of each one was not only surprisingly good, they also left a strong impression on those involved with the total organization of the activity. Dedication and personalized attention are rarely seen in events as large as the ones they have supported.

Felix Clercx, IICA-Radio Nederland

Mrs. Cortes, one of the consultants of Latin America Events Promotion - LAEP not only showed great creativity, time availability, good teamwork and interest in the internal and external affairs of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) where I was her superior, but also a strong willingness to learn constantly and  allow her work to be evaluated by her superiors. Another peculiarity of work at the Institute is the diversity of the topics that are addressed, since we create different educational materials on women, childhood, agriculture, the farming sector, sustainable development, among others; subjects in which Mrs. Cortes (consultant of LAEP) showed good mastery and capacity for synthesis.

Oscar Sánchez, Fonafifo

Not only did the Latin America Events Promotions (LAEP) fully complete the products that were expected based on the terms of reference of the consultancy, they also exceeded expectations regarding the quality of materials delivered.