Event organization and planning

We take care of all the logistics including the purchase of air tickets, creation of participant lists, confirmation of invited participants, selection of national suppliers (hotels, catering, filming, audiovisual equipment, assembly of stands, hiring aides or assistants), and even the assembly of the technical secretariat for the event. We also have services for the production of materials (logos, banners, credentials, agendas, among others), web page development and press production. We have extensive ground transportation contacts for luxury cars, vans, buses, and drivers with experience in international events.

We only require that you provide us with a profile of your participants and our work group will take charge of supporting you in convening and confirming the participants.

We have special agreements with hotel chains throughout Latin America. We also offer three-star hotel options that ensure safety in the area, are conveniently located, and offer quality services.

We have the experience and support of several travel agencies with extensive experience in organizing international events. We know where to find the best prices, non-stop flights and suitable schedules for your participants. We also work with fleets of buses, minibuses and taxis that have extensive experience with corporate events.

    Hotels suitable for the event

    *Auditoriums in universities, colleges, schools

    *Renting tents or awnings for outdoor spaces

    *Support with permits for public sites

    *Negotiation of venues in communities

    *Halls in related entities/programs/projects

Catering services
Audiovisual equipment
Technical support team: master of ceremonies and facilitators
Logistical support team: aides / assistants
Video filming
Structures for stands
Artistic / cultural groups
Ground transportation (taxis, microbuses, autobuses)
Ephemeral decoration (staging, floral decoration)

Document Production

We have a team of designers, editors and translators. Let us help you produce all the materials you need for your event, from the creation of your logo, to the production of business cards, banners, press releases, schedules, registration sheets, credentials, agendas and other materials that you must deliver to your participants. We also produce virtual and audiovisual materials.

We support the creation of the concept for your event's logo, taking into account the visibility manuals for your international cooperation institution, program or project.

We take care of the entire process of design, mock-up or layout of the materials that you need to deliver to your participants, whether print or virtual. We also have services for the digital or lithographic printing of documents that must be reproduced.

Tell us what you require and we'll help with copywriting, phrase creation, and speech writing. We have certified copyeditors to review your writings and a wide range of translators for the language that you require.

We'll help you find appropriate photographs for the document that you will give the participants in your event.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just let us know how many copies you need and we will take care of both digital and offset printing. We will take the material to the place where you need it.

Web Development

We develop the page for your event, with bulletins and modules for remote registration. In addition, we provide  social network management services to achieve the correct visibility of your activity. We complement the work with the production of Apps dedicated to the promotion of your activity.

We develop the web page for your event, with basic modules for news, a multimedia gallery, electronic bulletins, subscriptions, and more.

We take care of the writing and revising all the texts for your event's web page. In addition, we have certified translators in several languages.

We are at your service to solve all your multimedia inquiries for the success of your event.

Audiovisual Production

We have a professional filming team, specialists with extensive experience in corporate video production, conducting interviews, and producing spots and audiovisuals for marketing.

One, two or more cameras for transmission live or via remote, or for the subsequent production of a general video of the event.

We have the quality equipment you require for the production of your institutional videos.

We solve your visualization requirements with state-of-the-art equipment for your corporate events. We have closed circuit and HD filming, LED screens, projectors, amplifiers, lighting, and simultaneous translation equipment.

Ask about our package for your corporate events.